~*~Poet's Corner~*~


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~~~**From Beginning To End**~~~


The ocean, like life, harbors many secrets and mysteries

Unknown to you and me,

But as it spills along the shoreline leaving shells and debris,

It is also leaving behind special pieces of history...


Reminding us that the sun, moon and tides

Are like past, present and future memories rolled into one,

They form a complete cycle of our lives

When all is said and done...


From beginning to end

The world flows gradually along,

Like the waves hitting the shore

We must continue to sing our own song...


When you find yourself at the ocean

In the water and sand,

Or with a special loved one

holding each others hand,


Put your heart and soul into it,

Enjoy the moment as it lends,

'Cause these are our memories

As our lives continually flow

From beginning to end...

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~~*Written by: Laurie*~~

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{{Follow Your Dreams}}

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Follow your dreams to the end of the rainbow,

your fortune can appear in the image of many things.

Some look for their happiness in the form of money,

while others can see it in a bird as it sings.


It all comes down to the state of our attitude,

what we think is really important in life.

Is it what we own in possessions that count,

or what is in our heart for our family, friends, husband or wife?


Look all around you at what makes up the content of your days,

and if you still think that your rainbow is too far out of reach,

then you need to understand all that matters,

comes from what we learn and teach.


So remember to follow your dreams to the end of the rainbow,

'cause your fortune may appear one surprising day.

Take what it offers and use it wisely,

for its riches will reward you in a very special way...

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~~~**Heaven's Garden**~~~

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In Heaven's Garden

is a life we can only

imagine in our dreams.


What lies beyond this life

is in the individual

heart and soul

of each of us.


Our vision of what is to come

is born out of

the experiences that we live.


Faith, hope and charity,

carry us through

our living life,

but when our days are through,

only the soul will be our existence...

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~~~**Written by: Laurie**~~~

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I went through a wonderful experience

when writing "Heaven's Garden." It was written in

less than a few minutes. The reason for that is,

the words just flowed out onto the paper

as if I had no control of them. I wanted to add to it

but my mind was lost. I truly believe that

I definitely had some help with the inspiration

of writing this one, so I left it as I believe it

was meant to be...simple, and to the point...


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"Through All Seasons"

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Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall,

spending any season with you,

it doesn't really matter at all

what we have yet to accomplish or do.


As long as we're together

during the days, weeks, months and years,

we can get through any kind of weather

if we're sharing all our joys, happiness, sorrows and fears.


Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall,

the seasons fly by before our eyes.

Make the most of them so you can recall,

all in wonderful thoughts, to memorize...

***Written by: Laurie***


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"Have a happy Spring season ahead"


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"A Dream Within The Heart"


Soaring high with the clouds I am able to view the world beneath me.

I imagine I can move mountains and bring life to nonflowing streams that I see.

It is an overwhelming source of strength, happiness and freedom that I feel.

The wounds of the earth that stand before me, I now feel I have the power to heal.


What is this force that has taken over my being?

Is it a resurgence of charity that has sprung from deep within my heart?

Or a heavenly donation supplying the need to apply healing,

That we all have within us waiting to take part?


Soaring high with the clouds I am able to view the world beneath me.

A feeling like no other, a feeling of free.

It is one of the many dreams within my heart.

Floating on an air balloon, soaring like a lark...

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~~~Written by: Laurie~~~


Hello cyber friends,

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I guess you know who this is today.

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It's Web Dancer, stopping by to say,

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"Hey!! Hope you're having a really nice day."

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When I send an e-mail to you,

Whether I say what, when, where, how or who,

Always know that the words I send are true,

And hope they come across to you,

The way they were intended to...

~~Written by: Laurie~~

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*~*Just a Little Hug*~*

A hug can say "I'll miss you,"

or "I'll be thinking of you."

It can say,

"You're someone special,"

or best of all, "I love you."

It can soothe a hurt

or calm a fear,

or cheer us when we're blue--

It almost seems a miracle

all the things a hug can do.

~Emily Matthews~

Music: ~Come Sail Away~

Music: "Come Sail Away"